About Cutagen

 Cutagen is founded on the belief that everyone can have beautiful skin. 

A science based and ethically driven organisation, we aspire to redefine skincare for delicate, damaged and sensitive skin. 


It is our philosophy that by combining patient experience of problem skin in the clinic with the science that contributes to skin conditions, we can bring to our customers luxurious and appealing skincare products that are mild and kind to skin and can be used on even the most delicate, damaged and sensitive skin. 

The Cutagen brand is a range of sensible, effective and desirable products.   When used in combination with a good skincare regime we believe that they will help to maintain healthy skin and manage problem skin, ultimately improving the wellbeing of our customers.


What makes us different

Cutagen is different to any other company you might have come across.  This is something that makes us very proud and we work hard to maintain these differences.

Cutagen is not just another cosmetic company.  Cutagen is the collaboration of medical, microbiolgy, molecular and cosmetic professionals from across the UK who combine their respective experiences to create highly desirable and effective products.  Cutagen Skincare was inspired by a senior medical doctor who deals with dermatological conditions on a daily basis an a PhD scientist with an interest in skin function.  Every ingredient has been reviewed by our PhD scientist who has a distinguished career in the pharmaceutical industry and a background in molecular biology (how chemicals interact with living things) and microbiology (how viruses, bacteria and fungi work) and has extensive experience in the control of harmful bacteria on the skin.  Our formulation consultant with over 20-years experience in the cosmetics industry has designed Cutagen products to feel, look and smell great.  This synergy creates the environment to develop products that are founded on experienced scienctific principles and cosmetic integrity.

Cutagen products are safe.  Only the safest most relevant ingredients are used and nothing is added that can be damaging to our customers health.  We list our ingredients on all our packaging so that our customers can be satisfied with our work.  All Cutagen products are tested to the goldstandard European Union guidance to ensure that customers feel safe using them.  





Cutagen is proud to be a 100% British company.  Everything is inspired, tested, designed, made, re-tested, packaged and sent to the rest of the world from the UK.  Our suppliers are based throughout the UK.  Our labs are based in Cambridgshire and in Lancashire.  Our factories and packaging plants are based in Lancashire.  Our head office is in Cambridge.  All of our trials are done in the UK.  All of our experts and staff are trained, working and based in the UK.  Even this website is based in the UK!  

You might be wondering what this means to you.  Well, not only does it mean we are based in a vibrant, intelligent, finanacially stable, multi-cultural environment, with a history of success, but that Cutagen can adapt far quicker to customer needs than most of our competitors.  All of Cutagen's products and staff are regulated and accredited by UK-based industry standards, which are the highest in the world.  This means that when you buy a Cutagen product, you are helping yourself to a brand with which you get the satisfaction of knowing comes from a fair, safe, sustainable and regulated country.









We work in partnership with our customers.   Cutagen listens and learns from what our customers say.  Throughout the development and marketing of Cutagen products, opinions are sought to ensure that the best product that can be made, is made.  Whether the customer is visting the website for the first time or making their hundredth bulk order, we put our customers first.  Feel free to test it for yourself.




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